Linear Trunking System Optics

Continous LED Linear Luminaire System Optics

        With 7 optical lens, Best LED linear trunking system realized all the necessary features to handle various tasks in industrial and commercial sector. It helps people work precisely to increase operation efficiency and it also benefits commercial area for presentation and retailing without extra reflector.


        This sharp angle is ideal for application of the industrial sector such as warehouse and precise working area etc. Applied to warehouse shelving can make goods be seen easily and clearly. For the other unimportant areas, the light will be less bright so that all goods on shelf will be highlighted.The high uniform illumination helps to reduce fault in precise working and increase production efficiency in workshop.In other words, it helps to increase production efficiency.

Optics 30

System - 30


        This narrow angle is ideal for corridors, aisles and passages of hospital , schools, office building etc .It gives well-distributed illumination , not too bright or too dark for general lighting in corridors, it saves more energy.

Optics 60

System - 60


The wide angle is ideal for lighting more spaces and wide applications. In this way , the light can cover more spaces and wider applications with good illumination distribution, best for car parking place, dinning halls and wider shelf with longer distance. It reduce accidents and safety issues directly and indirectly.

Optics 90

System - 90

Diffuser 120°

        It’s applicable for general lighting like office building, schools ,airport or train station, meeting halls ,etc. It makes light well-distribute with low glare, and also bright enough for working or study, which is good for human eyes.

Optics 120

System - 120

Right Asymmetric Angle & Left Asymmetric Angle

        The asymmetric beam angle works like wall washer , can directly put all light on one side of the shelf surface or the walls. It’s designed for presentation and display of the retail areas , where only one side needs to be lighted up, which perfectly show the beauty and value of that area.

Optics left                  Optics right

System - left and  right

Double Asymmetric Angle

        It is designed for shelf presentation and retailing area for supermarket and grocery stores. It’s double asymmetric light distribution, which emphasized on shelf surfaces on both side, but ignore less important areas like passages. The lighting shine directly on the displaying goods, therefor, customers’s attention will be caused directly to the goods at the first sight.

Optics 2

System - Double Asymmetric

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