Linear Trunking System DaLi/Sensor

DaLi and sensor – Continous LED Linear Luminaire System

DaLi Dimming

        DALI technology’s biggest characteristic is each single lamp with separate address,can precisely dimming control single lamp or group lamps via DALI system. DALI system software can do independent addressing for single lamp or various lamps which on the same single strong electrical circuit or different circuit, enabling independent control and arbitrary grouping. Therefore DALI dimming lighting control system brings great flexibility, the user can design and adjust the corresponding lighting project according to the demand freely, this adjust can still be used during operation after installation without any change of the circuit. BEST DALI system is ideal and simplified digital communications system designed to meet the needs of today’s dimming lighting technology for individual rooms and shopping malls and other complex lighting scenes, mainly rely on daylight control.Energy saving and cost saving are the main purposes of DALI Dimming.



        Multi-sensor system is embodied in the sensor module, which means that the simple unity of daylight control detection integrated DALI lighting embedded together in a cluster system.


        The sensor can be used to install at height of 6m, the maximum detection range of 12mx6m. High energy savings up to 80% can be achieved gradual control light.

DALI introduction

        With Bidirectional communication interface ,meet the standard IEC 62386-101, suitable for complex application scenarios,can control rooms, shops, warehouses and other daylight related place’s brightness.

        It can achieve multiple communication, up to 64pcs ECG, 16 groups and 16 lighting scenes.

        Dali not only receive switch and dimming commands, but also give status information tips for illumination value or error status , such as failure of light or ECG. This makes continuous LED Linear Luminaire System more smarter and more flexible to meet your needs.

        When debugging BEST DALI system, ECG receives an automatically generated address and generate a short address ,group address in the debugging process further, it will be easier to control the various lighting scenes.

        Continuous LED Linear Luminaire System has three options for wiring connection: 5 wires, 7 wires , 11 wires, only 7 wires and 11 wires are suitable for DALI system, there are only two wires are related with dimming function.


        According to Dali system’s rules, it has 16 groups and 16 lighting scenes, each group has 0-4pcs lamps and lighting scenes can be set up, BEST cluster system wire standard is 2.5 mm2, it can withstand the maximum current of 16A, this means that the entire system can ensure 40pcs 80W 150cm LED lights or 58pcs 60W 150cm LED lights work normally.

        Group-0        Luminaire 1, luminaire 2
        Group-1        Luminaire 3, luminaire 3, luminaire 4
        Group-2        Luminaire 5
        Group-3        Luminaire 6, luminaire 7, luminaire 8
        …                  …
        …                  …
        …                  …
        Group-F        Luminaire 40


DALI Sensor


        This DALI sensor is designed for built-in lighting fixture, to be incoporated in the DALI system, taking command from the DALI master, accepting and carrying out the grouping work ,switching on/off, or dimming the assigned group members, and feed back the status oto the DALI master.


        Thanks to the rotary coding switch, it is easy to add in this sensor to the existing DALI system, and do the grouping work without the help of the DALI master and computer interface.


Wiring Diagram


        DALI group configuration can be done either on PC, or on the rotary switch:

        There are 16 channels available on the rotary switch. “0” is for DALI broadcast, the rest 15 channels is for end user to define the application unit.

        PC grouping can overwrite rotary switch grouping, and vise-versa, the last setting stays in validity.


        The rotary switch channel is corresponding to the groups listed below:




Detection area


        Detection area can be reduced by selecting the combination on the DIP switches to fit precisely for each specific application.


        Hold-time means the time period to keep the lamp on 100%, after all motion has ceased (detection area vacated).

Hold-time means the time period to keep the lamp on 100%, after all motion has ceased (detection area vacated).


Daylight sensor


        The daylight threshold can be set on DIP switches, to fit for particular application.

Stand-by  period (corridor function)


        This is the time period you would like to keep at the low light output level before it is completely switched off in the long absenceb of people.


        Note: “0s” means on/off control;“+ ”means bi-level dimming control, fixture never switches off.

Stand-by dimming level


        This is the dimmed low light output level you would like to have after the hold-time in the absence of people.

Detection Pattern


        It offers 3 levels of light :100%–>dimmed light ( 5%, 10%,20%, 50% optional)–>off; and 2 periods of selectable waiting time: motion holdtime and stand-by period ; selectable daylight threashold and choice of detection area.


A :  With sufficient natural light, the fixture does not switch on when presence detected.

B :  With insufficient natural light, the sensor switches on the light automatically when person enters the room.

C :  People left, light dims to 5%, 10%,20%, 50%(optional ) stand-by level after the motion hold-time.

D :  Light switches off automatically,after the stand-by period elapsed.

Technical Data


Operating voltage                                9.5~22.5Vdc
Input current                                          Approx.10mA
group sellection                                   16 groups via rotary switch
Detection area                                     10/50/75/100%, can be customized
Hold-time                                              Test/30s/1min/5min/10min/20min/30min, can be customized
Stand-by period                                   0s/10s/1min/5min/10min/30min/1h/+ can be customized
Stand-by dimming level                       5%/10%/20%/50% can be customized
Daylight threshold                                2~50Lux daylight/twilight/darkness, can be customized
Microwave frequency                          5.8GHz+/-75MHz
Microwave power                                <0.05mW
Detection range                                   Max. (OxH): 12m x 6m
Detection angle                                   30°~150°
Mounting height                                   Max.6m
Operating temperature                       -35°C ~ +70°C
IP rating                                                IP20 IP65(mounting in Hytronik special box)
Certificate                                            FCC, ETL, in testing for cULus        


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