Emergency Solution

Continous LED Linear Luminaire System Emergency Solution

Emergency Solution For Lighting System

        LED Linear Luminaire System pre-wired 11 wires, increases two emergency solutions:

        1. by built-in battery supply.

        2. by external emergency supply, such as generator / central UPS.

        When the system is switched to the internal battery, the luminaire work at reduced power: 6W or 12W, working 1.5 hours or 3 hours (depending on the selected solution).


        Different combinations of LED lamp driver, emergency driver and built-in battery can offer three emergency lighting models in general, user can choose by them-selves according to the actual needs of different projects.

Electronic Parts

In the Luminaire with emergency function, there are one LED lamp driver, one emergency driver and optional self contained battery to control the lamp for general lighting and emergency lighting. Emergency driver is for switching from mains to emergency operation. When power cut happens, emergency driver will automatically switch to external emergency supply(central batteryUPS/generator) or self contained battery. By self contained battery supply, the luminaire work at reduced power: 6W or 12W.

11- Emergency Solution

External Emergency Power Supply Model

        In the external emergency supply model, no battery is in the luminaire. Two independent emergency circuits-EL1 and EN1, EL2 and EN2 in the trunking can be opted for connecting luminaire to the generator or central battery(UPS) for emergency supply. Each luminaire can be either connected to generator or central battery. Different lamps in one circuit can be opted for generator supply or central UPS.


        Emergency driver can detect when power cuts and automatically switch luminaire from mains supply to emergency supply by generator or central battery. Luminaire lights on for 100% brightness in this case.

12- Emergency Solution

Build-in Battery Supply Model

        When luminaire is under this emergency lighting model, the only emergency power supply is from the build-in batteries. When power cuts, the emergency driver automatically switch to the build-in battery supply model. Luminaire lights on with reduced power-6W or 12W under battery operation. There are two options for battery-1800mAh and 3600mAh.

14- Emergency Solution

13- Emergency Solution

15- Emergency Solution


        Working time of BEST emergency lighting depends on both reduced lighting power and capacity of build-in battery.BEST emergency lighting offers 3 hours working time.

Response Time

        BEST emergency lighting can switch on within 1 second.


Remarks and Warnings:

        1.Wires between lamps and batteries will be disconnected during transportation.

        2.Keep batteries away from direct sunlight, high temperature and high humidity.

        3.During long time of storage, battery should be charged and discharged once each month, or permanent damage to batteries may result.


        4.When discarding batteries, insulate the + and – terminals of batteries with insulating tape,etc. When disposed of improperly, batteries may short, causing them to become hot, burst or ignite.

Wiring and Feed-in

16- Emergency Solution

        FG: Ground

        EL1: Emergency 1 supply Live

        EN1: Emergency 1 supply Neutral

        EL2: Emergency 2 supply Live

        EN2: Emergency 2 supply Neutral

        DIM+: positive of 0-10v input

        DIM-: minus of 0-10v input

        DA/L: positive of DALI input

        DA/N minus of DALI input


        CHR: for the detection of power connection and battery charging

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